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Psychomotor Relaxation Therapy

There are many different forms of body treatments, and preferences vary from person to person. Some prefer the more intense form, where it has to hurt to do good. Others prefer the gentler form, where the focus is on the well-being of both body and mind.

Psychomotor manual treatment is a gentle form of therapy that combines slow strokes and stretches of muscles and connective tissue with a more specific processing and in-depth treatment of selected areas. Researchers have found that over 80% of the sensory points on the body respond better to gentle influences than to hard ones, and that the body responds to hard influences by tensing up again some time after the treatment. This is thought-provoking when considering how many treatment methods are based on manipulative and forceful influences on the body.

During psychomotor relaxation therapy, the entire body is thoroughly treated, including hands, feet, head, and face. It is a harmonious and effective body treatment that provides an experience of both physical and mental well-being, lasting longer after the session.


Difference from traditional massage:

  • Slower but noticeable strokes and stretches that affect the body through the nervous and hormonal systems, allowing the entire body to relax, and muscle tension is released with a long-lasting effect
  • Therapist’s presence – my hands “listen” to your body with respect, and it is your body that determines the depth and pace of the treatment
  • Strokes are adapted to your breathing rhythm, providing deeper relaxation for the entire nervous system and not just for the muscles locally, as well as an experience of mental well-being
  • Work on your body awareness, so you can do something good for yourself even after the treatment and avoid habitual tensions
  • The treatment usually takes place over clothing, or you can use a blanket/sheet.